Some instances below in which I've appeared as the interviewee, rather than the interviewer, or had prior work cited. (For stories I've written, see here.)

The Economist

Heaping on the Caviar Diplomacy


Trump and Russia — What Does The FBI Know?


Story in the Public Square

Channel 4 UK

Trump, Charlottesville, and the Far-Right

The Washington Post

Beyond Flynn, other ties bind the White House to the Kremlin


Obama administration becomes target of Russian ridicule

The Kremlin's Candidate

Business Insider

'The most well-organized campaign in the history of the alt-right' is targeting H.R. McMaster


Should the US arm Ukraine? A debate with John Mearsheimer.

New America

The Bipartisan Cold War

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Majlis -- The Prospects Of TAPI and CASA 1000 [podcast]

Russian Soft Power in Central Asia [podcast]

'Propaganda Bullhorn' Or 'Alternative Perspective'? U.S. Students Put Kremlin-Funded RT Under Microscope

Тоҷикистон – истгоҳе дар Долони Бузурги Чин [Tajik]

Sparks Fly Over Scholar’s Azerbaijani Ties At Columbia University Event

Islamic State: 'Coming For Every Central Asian State'? [podcast]

Emerging Democracies Institute

Power & Energy in Central Asia: An Interview with Casey Michel

International Business Times

How Central Asian US Allies Are Using ISIS To Crack Down on Dissent, Get Funding

Washington Post

A Trump interview may be crowning glory for RT, a network funded by the Russian government

The Daily Beast

Alexandros Petersen, 1984-2014


Southern Gas Corridor ahead of schedule despite crippled gas markets

Christian Science Monitor

Kazakhstan presidential address signals concern about the economy, stability

Kyrgyz energy woes spell trouble for government, region

Kazakhstan security risk grows as Putin feels his oats

ABC Australia

Correspondent's Club - Kyrgyzstan

MH17: Who commands the pro-Russian separatist rebels at the Malaysia Airlines crash site in Ukraine?

Foreign Policy Research Institute

Hungary: Going in the Wrong Direction?

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Etats-Unis/Russie : La guerre froide médiatique

El Confidencial (Spain)

RT en español, la fábrica de noticias de Putin para que odies a Occidente

Moscú corteja a los independentistas catalanes y vascos (entre otros)

Punctul (Romania)

Ungaria mai respectă principiile UE?

El Tiempo (Colombia)

Himno chino: a cantarse en serio

El Espectador (Colombia)

Las tensiones invisibles

W Polityce (Poland)

Michael Casey, amerykański korespondent: „W kwestii ukraińskiej kluczowym graczem jest i pozostanie, niestety Moskwa”.

Mysl24 (Poland)

Michel: represje na dziennikarzach będą kontynuowane