Karimov's Legacy and the RT Election

For The Diplomat, I detailed the repression- and torture-laden legacy of the (former) Uzbekistani president, Islam Karimov: 

On the human rights front, it will remain difficult to slip into hyperbole in describing the security state, and attendant suffering, constructed under Karimov’s regime. Not only will Karimov leave behind some 10,000 political prisoners in the country’s fetid jails — prisoners the International Committee of the Red Cross will no longer visit — but he will also leave a legacy of imprisoning opposition figures for improperly wearing slippers and “incorrectly peeling carrots.” And then, of course, there’s the Andijan massacre, one of the largest government-led slaughters since Tiananmen Square. Finally, he’ll have the legacy of having led the only modern regime known to boil dissidents to death.

With Intersection Project, meanwhile, I took a look at the American far-left and hard-right coalescing on Kremlin-friendly policies

But it’s not simply [Green Party presidential nominee Jill] Stein’s Twitter feed that’s allowed her to hew closely to the Kremlin’s talking points. In myriad interviews, Stein has pushed views that could have been lifted from Russian state media - and often are. For instance, in an interview with OnTheIssues, Stein claimed that the US “foment[ed] a coup” in Ukraine, allowing “ultra-nationalists and ex-Nazis [to come] to power.” Stein further insisted that the US “should encourage Ukraine to be neutral,” and that “NATO has pursued a policy of basically encircling Russia,” as if Russia remains the lone post-Soviet state with any agency. She has additionally described Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s “saber-rattling against Russia” as an “existential threat to human survival,” and that Clinton will - not may, but will - “take [the US] into an air war with Russia[.]” She has also gone so far as to describe Wikileaks’ Julian Assange as a “hero.”

For good measure, Stein’s running mate, Ajamu Baraka, has noted - all evidence aside - that he believes the shootdown of MH17 over Ukraine was a false flag attack. (“That’s exactly what happened,” Baraka confirmed.) Baraka also referred to OSCE monitors in Ukraine as “spies.” Such conspiracy-mongering from Stein’s party - whichnominated a “9/11 Truther” in 2008 - isn’t unsurprising; in addition to Stein’s views on vaccines and Wi-Fi, Baraka contributed a recent essay to a compilation of writings edited, as Tablet’s Yair Rosenberg found, “by Holocaust denier and 9/11 truther Kevin Barrett.”

Elsewhere, I chatted with El Confidencial about the upcoming, and Kremlin-funded, separatist conference in Moscow, which will host representatives from Texas and California. Washington Post also cited my prior work on Kremlin-funded media, and I began compiling assorted data points on links between the American far-right (and "alt-right") and Moscow.