US and EU Separatist Groups to Gather on Moscow’s Dime

Another year, and another enclave of Western secessionists gathering in Russia - with the aid of Kremlin funding. Next month, separatists from Texas and California, Catalonia and Euskadi, will congeal in Moscow, staking their claims to independence

[The] event’s backers have received funds directly from the Kremlin to help organize the conference. Alexander Ionov, head of the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia, noted that the Russian government provided tens of thousands of dollars to “accommodate dozens of guests,” NBC reported. Ionov further maintains ties to Rodina, a political party formed by Russia’s deputy prime minister, in additional to continued relations with Texas separatists, with whom he has cultivated close links under Russian President Vladimir Putin’s third term. ...

[When contacted], Ionov pushed back at the notion that any moves toward Russian separatism ever existed:

Hehe, the so-called secession movements within Russia have never existed in reality. Nowadays the so called Russian secession movements were artificially created by US intelligence in order to destabilize [the] political situation. In comparison to western separatist movements, “Russian” movements have no history and strong ideology. The western secession movements exist as an opposition to US imperialism, violence and hatred. And all of them love us, Russians, because we are good, kind and beautiful:)))