Soft Power, Whataboutism, and Lady Gaga

When it rains, it pours. Spate of recent pieces/podcasts to share:  

Greenwald offered another write-up in March, detailing London’s investigations into biases within RT. The investigations presented an interesting dynamic on the intersections of media, censorship, and propaganda. But instead of opting for a well-reasoned approach, Greenwald claimed “leading British outlets,” at their best, are only as “biased” as RT viz. Russia.  This trope – staking that all outlets are equally biased, and equally fallacious – exists firmly within the camp of whataboutism, that Soviet-era construct witnessing a recent resurgence. Indeed, you’d be hard-pressed to find a finer example than Greenwald presents here. When asked about his comments on RT, Greenwald stood by his stance, describing my line of questioning as part of a “fun, decades-old game for Americans to search in deep, dark crevices for those who secretly deviate from The Russia Script[.]”  Whatever this “Russia Script” entails, Greenwald did not clarify. But as someone who’s helped monitor RT over the past few months at the Columbia Journalism School, it’s no stretch to say Greenwald’s claim is pure, unalloyed farce.