Eurasian Economic Union: Dead on Arrival?

I detailed the Eurasian Union's unveiling for The Diplomat, which combined a resounding thud with thunderous silence:

If you missed the official unveiling of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) on January 1, you weren’t alone. Instead of the pomp and circumstance requisite for the new “epoch” that Russian President Vladimir Putin claims we’ve just entered, the EEU came into being with thundering silence. And instead of heralding the dawn of a new “giant,” as Kremlin state media claimed, the EEU entered into force in a near-stillborn state. ...

If you need any further proof, look again to the celebratory vacuum that greeted the Eurasian Union – not among observers, but among the member-states participating. Armenia’s president didn’t share a single mention of the Eurasian Union in his New Year address. And for the first time, Belarus opted not to carry Putin’s New Year greeting on its airwaves. So much for the welcoming of a new geopolitical pole. A new epoch may be among us, but no one seemed to notice.