Islamic State Video Features Ethnic Kazakhs

My latest at The Diplomat looks at Islamic State's new video featuring Kazakhs - and their children:

It’s no secret that one of Islamic State’s preferred tools of recruitment comes through online outreach. Social media prowess, videos of multiple beheadings, surprising production skills – IS’s digital reach has helped expand its ranks and ensured extensive media coverage of its assaults.

The group’s latest online production is no different. A 15-minute video, called “Race Towards Good” and released last week, displays some of the trappings for which IS has become known: clean editing and high production, laden with the militarized and pious messages the group purveys. Unlike past offerings, though, this video comes with a new subject: Kazakhstanis. Specifically, those individuals featured in the video appear to be ethnic Kazakhs, who have moved to Syria and Iraq to aid IS in its efforts at an unidentified training camp. “’Meet some of our newest brothers from the land of Kazakhstan,” an IS host declares. “They responded to the crusader aggression with their hijrah and raced to prepare themselves and their children, knowing very well that their final return is to Allah.”