Tajikistan Cracks Down on Internet ... Again

Over at The Diplomat, I looked at Tajikistan's latest crackdown on Internet access for citizens:

This year, though, has seen a substantive acceleration of the authorities’ willingness to block Internet access – and to cut a far wider swath for the sites barred. The latest round of blockage came earlier this week, when Tajikistan cut access to Facebook once more. Interfax subsequently reported Dushanbe had likewise blocked access to the Russian social network VKontakte – the second such site blocked this year – as well as Wikipedia, Amazon, Russian news site Lenta, and, for the third time this year, YouTube. In total, Dushanbe barred citizens’ access to some 200 sites, with neither reason nor end-date announced. Interestingly, Tajikistan officials have denied that any such order was given, though an anonymous official from one Internet provider told Interfax that they “received an order from [Tajikistan’s] Communications Service” to enact the blockage.