Russia's Chokehold on Kyrgyzstan

A recent piece staked Russia's geopolitical chokehold on Kyrgyzstan - which is true, but not for the reasons they claimed, as I write in The Diplomat:

Again, to repeat an earlier point, the Guardian’s line of thought isn’t incorrect – Kyrgyzstan fits firmly in Russia’s pocket, at least in the short-term. There should be little dispute around this, and all the more after the United States’ summer departure from its largest foothold in the region. But this geopolitical pull isn’t due to Rosneft’s (nonexistent) purchase of a 51 percent stake in Manas, and is in fact hampered by Gazprom’s role in the gas shutoff in Kyrgyzstan’s south. And, as we’ve seen with the Armenian example, assuming any nation will march obediently into the EEU’s fold is a fool’s errand.