In These Times, a Geopolitical Drink

A few months ago, a good friend quipped about a new drinking game. “Putin’s pulling the troops back once more, eh? Guess that means it’s time for another shot.”

It took me a moment to catch on, but I couldn’t help but chuckle once I got there. In lieu of glimpsing a light-saber during “Star Wars” or hearing an off-color word during “The Wire,” my buddy proposed a toast every time Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he would be pulling back Russian troops from the Ukrainian border. (When Putin was recognizing the border, of course.) A slug of vodka, every time a pronouncement – a high-minded attempt at respect for international law, naturally – came forth from the Kremlin.

The opportunities began a few months. By this week, though, we’re pushing into inebriated territory. In order, a reminder of how many opportunities we’ve had for a drink since the Ukraine crisis first broke out:

31 March


At least one leader, thankfully, has caught on:

13 October